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The Huffington Post The history of political blogging might usefully be divided into the periods pre- and post-Huffington. Before the millionaire socialite Arianna Huffington decided to get in on the act, bloggers operated in a spirit of underdog solidarity. They hated the mainstream media – and the feeling was mutual. Bloggers saw themselves as gadflies, pricking the arrogance of established elites from their home computers, in their pyjamas, late into the night. So when, in , Huffington decided to mobilise her fortune and media connections to create, from scratch, a flagship liberal blog she was roundly derided. Who, spluttered the original bloggerati, did she think she was? But the pyjama purists were confounded.

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Book of Revelation Provides examples of: The Bible gets this treatment, which is quite understandable when you actually read it for yourself and realize just how horrific some of the worst bits are the Crucifixion itself falls a long way behind being the worst it gets. Examples include a woman literally being raped to death, a process that continues through the night and ends with her lifeless body being found on the doorstep the next morning and it just gets worse from there.

There’s plenty of things in both the Torah and the Bible that have become theme park versions of what’s actually written when adapted into other works. Look up Daniel 7 and Ezekiel 10 for descriptions of a few angels.

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This guide is proudly produced in partnership with the Historic Highlights of Germany. Aachener Printen Charlemagne chose Aachen as his prestigious imperial residence, cementing its place in the history books. Aachener Printen, a cake-like biscuit often used in dishes like Aachener Sauerbraten. The Aachen Christmas Market is the stuff of dreams. Aachen Tourist Service E. Zwetschgendatschi Augsburg was founded more than 2, years ago, reaching the peak of its influence in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Their affluence and good taste left marks on Augsburg that can still be seen today in the form of artwork, palaces, and city design. Five hundred years ago, the Fugger family built this gated community to give back. Zwetschgendatschi, a plum cake frosted with sugar and cinnamon, typically served with whipped cream and fresh coffee.

And each year around the summer solstice, the city lights up with Augsburg Summernights , the largest city festival in Bavaria. During the entire month of September, the city hosts top international orchestras, lauded conductors, outstanding soloists, famous ensembles, and upcoming young artists. And here, you basically are. Bratwurst, topped with BORN mustard a local product and absolutely no ketchup.

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Acafellas Kurt and Mercedes Jones form a friendship out of their fashion rivalry. Mercedes also develops a crush on Kurt. Kurt sees that Mercedes is lonely and he offers to cheer her up by taking her out shopping. The cheerleaders, driven to stir up some petty drama for the Glee Club, manipulate Mercedes into thinking that Kurt is straight and has feelings for her. When she confronts him about their relationship, Kurt, still closeted, lies to Mercedes and tells her that he has feelings for Rachel , although the subject of his real crush is Finn.

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Jump to navigation Jump to search Location of the Mitte area in Berlin Mitte, literally meaning “the middle” and being a contraction of Stadtmitte city centre , contains the historical heart of Berlin and represents in many ways the real center of the city. It is here that you will find the vast majority of the most popular sights. Tiergarten is the borough extending northwest from the Zoologischer Garten train station, taking its name from the large park that covers most of its area, which in turn takes its name from the world’s oldest zoo in its southern end, close to the train station.

On the outskirts of the park there are many different little neighbourhoods of varying characters, detached from each other by the park. The border between the Ortsteile Mitte and Tiergarten runs right across the Potsdamer Platz, and most of the buildings and institutions described here are actually in Tiergarten, but for the sake of making this guide more useful are described along with the others which fall in Mitte proper.

Administrative division[ edit ] Before the reunification of Germany, Mitte was a district of East Berlin and the place where the Berlin Wall was most prominent, running right through the historic fabric of the city. Following reunification, the old administrative division was kept for a decade, and the Mitte’s borders were unchanged, but it merged with neighbouring districts of former West Berlin, Tiergarten and Wedding.

The former districts became localities Ortsteile of the Bezirk Mitte. This may lead to confusion, as both the Ortsteil and Bezirk are referred to as “Mitte” in the common parlance and many written texts. It is generally safer to assume that most Berliners would refer to “Mitte” as the Ortsteil and former district, which is smaller and more cohesive. As the administrative divisions serve other functions than just helping travellers, this guide oversteps the boundaries of the Ortsteil Mitte and includes Ortsteil Tiergarten as well.

Areas of Mitte[ edit ] The old district Mitte as covered in this guide can be divided into several neighborhoods: Nikolaiviertel — a quarter near Alexanderplatz which comes close to old town style, but built by the East German government.

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Henry, United States of America We had an enjoyable stay here. The accommodations were very comfortable and clean. We would recommend it and we will be back! Leih, Germany We stayed in room 3 which was at the tippy top of the building. Lots and lots of stairs. The room itself had a double bed, decent sized bath German Standards , a fridge, coffee maker, silverware, dishes,etc and table.

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Some hold that each of the great Space Marine Legions was created with a specific role in mind, and certainly this assertion is born out of the deeds and deameanour of many. The Imperial Fists were in so many ways the Emperor ‘s loyal praetorians and champions, while the Ultramarines were His dutiful, resplendent hosts. To the XIXth Legion would fall the role of the Emperor’s hidden hand, vengeful sentinels against recidivists and harrowers of those who would sooner flee than bend knee before their new master.

Drawing on the demeanour of the techno-savages from which it recruited, the proto-Legion quickly demonstrated its skill at reconnaissance and target identification, and it ability to transition from inscrutable watchfulness to rapid attack in the blink of an eye. Its Legionaries waged war by infiltrating into position, studying their enemy and, when the time was right, striking from the least anticipated quarter and slaying the foe outright in a bloody, yet brief assault.

Confronted with the coming of the Emperor, some of the enemies of Unification foolishly decided to stand and fight, to deny His manifest destiny. That was until the moment that the XIXth revealed themselves as the gun already raised to the target’s temple without him ever seeing his would-be assassin’s approach. In the face of such infiltration, most enemies capitulated. Never given to wanton cruelty, the Emperor ‘s emissaries would avail the target of His impending doom and offer them the choice — kneel or die.

Most chose to serve but many refused, and so the XIXth Legion would be unleashed. Emerging from the shadows, they would attack without warning, their methods enabling them to engage with forces far more numerous than themselves. Bereft of leadership after a campaign of targeted assassination, most enemy armies fell apart in short order. When they did not, the XIXth Legion withdrew back into the shadows, but not in retreat.

Rather, they attacked again from yet another quarter, bleeding their enemy dry and denying him any chance to counterattack, regroup or take the initiative.

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Schaue bei den Kontakten nicht so sehr aufs Alter. Bin ab und an auch bei meinem Sohn in Hamburg. Bitte keine der aufdringlichen Herren. Reiner Sexkontakt, GF6 alleine ist aber kein Muss.

Der Himmel is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom.

Early life[ edit ] Bust by Hildo Krop at Gouda , where Erasmus spent his youth Desiderius Erasmus is reported to have been born in Rotterdam on 28 October in the late s. A well-known wooden picture indicates: According to an article by historian Renier Snooy — , Erasmus was born in Gouda. The exact year of his birth is controversial, but most agree it was in Information on his family and early life comes mainly from vague references in his writings.

His parents were not legally married.

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Capacity of 1, square meters Ballroom with function spaces is the ideal venue for conference and MICE events; The Residence , an event venue with spectacular West Lakes view will provide you with a unique event experience in stylish residential surroundings. Renovation Update To ensure we continue to serve the needs of our valued guests, Hyatt Regency Hangzhou has commenced a renewal program of our facilities.

From 1 March until September , we will progressively be undergoing a complete refurbishment of our guestrooms.

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Contents [ show ] Plot The series follows brother—sister twins Lindy and Logan Watson and their three best friends, Jasmine, Garrett, and Delia, as they begin their freshman year of high school at Ditka High. In the first season, each episode began with a comedic “what just happened” situation followed by the story being told in flashbacks. This concept was abandoned in the second season.

She walks into high school with a brand-new look with her best friend who shows her how to be fashionable, branching out and becoming a new girl. In Dance Fever, her nemesis is shown to be a girl named Sherri Peyton List and it also shows that she has had perfect attendance for eight years without missing school. In Snow Problem, it is revealed that Lindy is a good snowboarder. Lindy can be a goody two-shoes and is sometimes used as a stamp of approval by her friends when they ask their parents if they can go places.

In the episode Fireman Freddie’s Spaghetti Station, it is shown she likes to one-up people, though at first she denies it. Logan Watson Austin North is very laid-back, cool, chill, and confident and has big plans on making his mark on high school. However, those plans sometimes collide with his twin sister, Lindy. He is also the main love interest to Jasmine Kang. Logan often tries to take the easy way out of things, doing that so much that his friends have dubbed it Loganing.

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