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The first Fender solidbody model, the Esquire , lasted in name only from June to October This model name was replaced by the “Broadcaster”, which lasted in name only from the October to January All Broadcasters have truss rods, where many Esquires often have no truss rod. In Gretsch had trademarked the name “BroadKaster” for a line of drums. After advertising the Broadcaster in music trade papers in February 20, , Gretsch took notice and sent Fender a telegram asking them to change their name. Therefore Fender was forced to drop the name Broadcaster. Starting around February 22, , Fender cut the word “Broadcaster” off of their headstock decals. These models February to summer are known as “NoCasters”. Starting in the summer of , Fender adopted the name “Telecaster” for this model, and started using new decals after all the old clipped decals were used. Decal attachment was the last assembly step, so NoCasters with a February neck date are seen.

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Prior ads by this individual: Who would imagine in this era of fiber optics and lithium ion batteries there are still craftsmen like Alan out there hand tooling leather specialty items at a time and made to order. They don’t make them like this no more Alan. I play every day. Alan’s straps have held up beautifully. I can happily recommend to anybody.

Gibson’s vintage machine heads with pearloid buttons feature solid nickel, closed housing construction, period-correct vintage styling, and traditional pearloid buttons that deliver precise tuning, while adding a luxurious, classic feel to your guitar’s headstock.

Introduced in , the L-7 was designed as less expensive option to the flagship L Its body was carved from solid spruce and figured maple, and neck was appointed similarly to the Nick Lucas models, with pearl logo and Fleur de Lys on the headstock, varied pattern pearl inlays on the fingerboard, binding to match the body, and nickel plated Grover tuners. As a result, it sold well and remained in the price list for a long time.

An original sale correspondence accompanies the guitar. A pickup was at one time surface mounted to the top with control unit mounted adjacent to the treble F hole. There are a total of six filled screw holes that remain today, along with the finish touch ups to hide them. A fist-sized section of the back has been touched up as well, there is no longer any belt-rash, and the repair is invisible but for under black light. It is a warm archtop, with good volume and projection , and has a comfortable V shaped neck.

Frets show some wear in the first position, but set-up and playability are excellent.

Norman Guitars

It seems to me like the Valco guitars were competing with some of the more well-established guitar brands of the time. Also the binding on the fiberglass guitars can sometimes deteriorate. But the Valcos did and do sound VERY good, and some their designs and art deco touches were very creative and do stand the test of time.

Not only does the Washburn Parallaxe Signature Michael Sweet V stay in tune, thanks to its exclusive Grover locking tuners, but a Buzz Feiten tuning system keeps your intonation spot-on across the whole fretboard. With humble beginnings in Chicago dating back to the s, Washburn is an American institution in musical instrument.

Does anyone have info on the k. The date is 55 7. I am in Australia but unabe to find out any info about this model and date stamp. Does anyone know anything about it. I was told that out side u s a that Alvarez. Are they are they as good as a martin. Is it worth paying to get a refret? I have a k yairi Dy50 as i bought this 2nd hand does anyone have info on it and what it is worth. I can not find out any info on this and is it worth spending money to refret.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Freeman and Armstrong formed a band many years later based on their shared love of bands such as The Clash and the Ramones. They both went to Albany Middle and High School. Armstrong was married to musician Brody Dalle from — The two met and began dating in , when Dalle was only 16, after they both played Summersault.

In the earliest photos (mid/late ’30s,) the guitar has a Superstyle tailpiece (without the model name engraving) and pickguard, engraved/pen-back Grover tuners, a bell-shaped truss-rod cover, and sunburst top finish with bound f-holes.

The condition of this high end instrument is excellent plus and this guitar is simply wonderful. Only the highest grade woods used as you can see This guitar shows very little fret wear. There are just a few minor nicks or scratches which is normal wear for a guitar of this vintage that has been lovingly played. This one is a one owner adult owned guitar and comes with its high quality custom hard shell case too.

With room-filling projection, the CY is a guaranteed conversation starter. You hear it in the elegant pacing of a classical air. You see it in the vivid charm of a folk dance. These early issue Red Label Guitars from Korea utilize the very same materials that were made in Japan. This era exhibits just the same just as nice woods as those Japanese big dollar players but ” SOME” not all are hidden treasures and are still a real bargain today when compared to the Japanese Red Label versions or a Martin or even Japan made models of this quality

1959 Supro Triple-Tone Guitar (Model 1575)

Tweet Gibson USA’s lineup of electric guitars finds the sweet spot between tradition and innovation Gibson just lifted the tent flap on its new electric guitar offerings and early indications point to as a banner year for the brand. And Gibson is also giving some of its more exotic models facelifts in the coming year. A lot of work goes into the neck carve and fretwork of the Les Paul Faded T to evoke that sense of a seasoned and familiar instrument that fits you like the proverbial glove.

The Mahogany slim taper neck is a nod to modern shredders while modern R and T humbuckers exploit all the tonal goodness and resonance churned out by the weight-relieved body. The faded finish underscores the sense of holding a veteran axe. The gloss finish gets a carefully applied treatment giving it a convincingly worn appearance.

The machine-heads are still the original Gibson “double-ring” tuners and have never been changed! Untouched electronic, all 4 pots are stamped dating 14 th week of It once ha Grover tuners, but the original Klusons are back on, no aditional holes drilled.

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I am a professional musician and an avid guitar collector. I own several Epiphone guitars and have been very much impressed by the quality and value of the guitar line. The Wildkat Royale is

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is the world’s most popular electric guitar at a price anyone can afford, each made to the same specs and attention to detail as vintage Les Pauls. Available in Ebony, Faded Cherry Sunburst, Metallic Gold, Pelham Blue with Epiphone designed Alnico Classic™ humbuckers and Grover® machine heads.

Video about ovation dating guitars vintage: Kaman founded Ovation Instruments. Has a natural top, Grover Rotomatic tuners, dot fret markers, white-black-white binding, small or thin rosette with figure-8 chain link motif and grape bunch at 4 o’clock position. The very early have no rosette, some have extra diamond fret markers at twelfth fret. There are specific years of specific models that are sought after and perceived as better than other years.

I wonder how 74′ was? American made Ovation series are easy to date by year made but not usually much additional information. The company is moved from the aerospace facilities of Bloomfield to a new location in New Hartford.

Gibson-Branded Grover Tuners for Les Paul