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Dating Jesus : a story of fundamentalism, feminism, and the American girl

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Jul 14, issue The authors of Waiting for the Apocalypse and Dating Jesus experienced two distinct brands of fundamentalism: What is fascinating is the synchronicity between the two groups—the fear of modernity, the hunkering-down separatist stance, the eschatological clarity, the theological absolutism—even while the particulars of the faiths could scarcely be more divergent. Both authors mention the dim view their child-selves held of the opposing group.

There was something decidedly unnerving about being that wrong. Their father coped with his disillusionment by moving through a series of low-paying jobs and taking his family to gatherings of schismatic Catholic groups meeting in garages and empty department-store buildings. By the time Chater was an adolescent, he was stocking the garage of their tiny house with emergency supplies and firearms and knives for the coming Chastisement and linking up with a Brazilian antirevolutionary group complete with warrior monks.

She and her sisters were no longer allowed to wear pants or listen to rock music, and two of her brothers were sent to a militaristic Catholic school in New York. Chater brings her memoir to a close with a furtive bus trip to sign up for courses at a community college. To believe in a dogma, you must be trusting, and compliant, and willing to take the word of someone else as to what life is all about, whether or not it contradicts logic.

I wonder whether Chater is forthcoming about all the losses that accompanied her renunciation of the habits of faith.

Dating Jesus: A Story of Fundamentalism, Feminism, and the American Girl

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Susan Campbell teaches at the University of New Haven. She is the author of “Dating Jesus: Fundamentalism, Feminism and the American Girl” and “Tempest-Tossed: The Spirit of .

Amazon The title Dating Jesus evokes a strong feeling inside of me. This could be because it seems so absurd or even a bit sacrilegious. But in a way, it is what every Christian should want to do. They should want to walk beside him, follow in his footsteps, be part of his family. In essence — it is the idea of courting Jesus that attracts most Gentiles.

It lends to the idea that if one leads a positive, spiritual lifestyle, it will attract Jesus to us and in return us to him. One thing that really stands out in the book: Campbell went into baptism full-heartedly. Jesus had been flirting with her and through his incantations, soothed her into spiritual cleansing and rebirth. This rite of passage, she felt, would secure their relationship. So she continued to go to his house three times a week in hopes of showing her unwavering worship.

Campbell even adoringly sang songs to her suitor. Finally, one Sunday morning, she walked in front of her congregation to profess her love for Jesus, via baptism. Most people go undergo baptism as infants, unable to make adult decisions — like renouncing the devil and devoting their lives to Jesus and his teachings.

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So be sure to leave a comment below to enter your name in the drawing for the giveaway! Winner will be determined after 9 pm EST on Wednesday evening. Be sure and pop over to Susan’s blog to visit me there.

The doctrines of agency, accountability, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ lay the foundation for understanding the devastating issue of sexual assault.

Jan 26, Jessie rated it it was amazing Full disclosure: I work for the publisher, but I’m not asked to review our work on GoodReads and I don’t choose to review everything we put out. I resisted reading this book at first, because for me, like for many people I know who are scarred by their encounters with religion, it looked like it might strike a little too close to home. And did it ever! However, as Campbell opened up old wounds, wounds that I’ve so carefully hidden over the years, I found myself comforted by her humor and he Full disclosure: However, as Campbell opened up old wounds, wounds that I’ve so carefully hidden over the years, I found myself comforted by her humor and her irreverent but, strangely, still tender treatment of religious fervor, both her own and that of others.

Campbell made me remember and acknowledge parts of my past that I had buried, and with that I was able to bring back some of the good things about my churchgoing youth, things that I had submerged along with the negative things I still resent. I was honestly expecting something much more snarky and critical of Christianity in general. What I got was an endearing memoir of Campbell growing up in a very fundamentalist church and family, and struggling with the very anti-woman teachings she was bombarded with versus her own belief in her inherent worth.

Campbell tells her story with great wit and imagery. I chuckled at her imaginings that, when she was paraded around as the sophomore atten This book was not entirely what I was expecting. I chuckled at her imaginings that, when she was paraded around as the sophomore attendant to the homecoming queen, at the end of the parade they would throw her into a bonfire as a sacrifice to football. I cried with her as she recounted her experiences volunteering in Haiti.

The chapters do seem a bit scattered, as she switches back between scenes from her life and religious and feminist history.

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This is not actually a very happy thing to observe. It may be that, as Katie Hays observed to me somewhat wryly in conversation last year at this conference, no one misses these female voices when the women who possess them leave our churches—because they never got to use them in the first place. That is, we might, if we read, and read with ears ready to hear a narrative that is both heartbreakingly funny and gut-wrenchingly sad, with some moments of prophetic pissed-off-ness in between.

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Dating Jesus: A Story of Fundamentalism, Feminism, and the American Girl

Had my fears come true, my own pitiable role as reviewer would then be either to defend practices and beliefs I have worked my adult life to correct or at least temper, or I would have had to join in the flagellation of the unwashed — or, in this case, fully immersed but still unenlightened — an even more contemptible form of life to which the odious word quisling might well apply. It is better than that.

Though sometimes meandering and repetitive, this memoir of a life tells well the story of a woman who loves Jesus but is mighty uncomfortable with some of his followers.

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The Baptism of Christ: 1. The Earliest Images

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“Dating Jesus: A Story of Fundamentalism, Feminism, and the American Girl” by Susan Campbell

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Susan Campbell a journalist and columnist for The Hartford Courant, but before she arrived in Hartford, Connecticut, she was a little girl growing up ion a fundamentalist Christian household in Missouri. Dating Jesus is a memoir of Campbell’s life and her movement away from the church of her childhood/5.

Actually, being the dedicated individual that she is, she tried to email in her review but was beaten by a computer malfunction. When she was growing up in Missouri, hard by Route 66 and in the shadow of the Ozarks, Susan Campbell was completely immersed in that old time religion. In fact, she took the full-body plunge twice to make sure she got it right. She noticed early on that you could never tell for certain if you had this religious business right.

There were so many rules, prohibitions and great expectations. Thank you for not dancing, one. The author went to church three times a week, and the Sunday morning service was a three-hour marathon. Summers she attended church camp. Women were to keep silent in the assembly. It said so in the Bible.

Dating Jesus

She went to his house three times a week, listened to his stories, loudly and lustily sang songs to him. She even professed her love for him through being baptized. In this lovingly told tale, Susan Campbell takes us into the world of Christian fundamentalisma world where details really, really matter.

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