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The discovery of the village “On the far curving shore of the bay lies Skara Brae, hazy through the sea-haar. In the winter of , a great storm battered Orkney. There was nothing particularly unusual about that, but, on this occasion, the combination of wind and extremely high tides stripped the grass from a large mound, then known as “Skerrabra”.

A series of deposits from the agricultural infield of the multiperiod settlement mound, Old Scatness, were investigated for their potential to yield optically stimulated luminescence dates. Luminescence properties of quartz grains were found to vary through the sequence, but dates were successfully.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Swandro-Orkney Coastal Archaeology Trust Image caption The coin was uncovered in a dig on Rousay in Orkney Archaeologists are thrilled by the discovery of a Roman coin during the excavation of an archaeological site in Orkney. The copper alloy coin was found at the Knowe of Swandro, the location of a Neolithic chambered tomb, Iron Age roundhouses and Pictish buildings.

The archaeological site is at risk from coastal erosion. Roman finds have been made before in Orkney, and other Scottish islands including the Western Isles. Archaeologists said the works of classical writers suggested the Romans were aware of Orkney, with the writers even making claims of an invasion, although archaeologists and historians believe this to have been unlikely.

The coin was found at the site of a small roundhouse. Other finds from that site have been dated to about the second and fourth centuries AD. Image copyright Swandro-Orkney Coastal Archaeology Trust Image caption The roundhouse where the coin was found The Swandro-Orkney Coastal Archaeology Trust, which is leading the dig, describes itself as being in a “race against time and tide” to excavate and record the site. Every winter fierce Atlantic gales erode more of the coastline.

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Attractions Beautiful scenery, spectacular wildlife, and a warm welcome awaits you Uncover the inspiration behind Anne Cleaves gritty, iconic crime stories on which the hit TV series is based, such as Eshaness which can boast one of the highest energy coastlines in the world. Blasted by the full force of the North Atlantic it displays a stunning array of stacks, blowholes and geos. Visit the enchanting island of Mousa with its magnificent Iron Age Broch and wonderful wildlife.

Don’t miss the summer evening tour to watch the spectacular returning of hundreds of storm petrel birds after a day feeding at sea.

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February 12, by Keith Savage Have you ever wondered about the Shetland Islands and what it might be like to visit them? This dismissal happens all too often. At the end of the day, these articles should be useful cheat sheets to refer to when you begin planning your next trip to Scotland. Brilliant white sand beaches hopscotched earth-tone pebbled coves sparkling with bits of sea glass.

There is a distinct edge-of-the-world feeling to Shetland, and those that live here are proud to be its sentinels. There are few beaten paths out here under the wide northern skies — plenty of space to listen to that interior vibrating voice so often lost amidst the clamor of society. Jarlshof is the civilization equivalent of sedimentary rock — a true wonder — and is a huge reason to visit Shetland. On a clear day, you might even see Fair Isle. The Shetland Folk Festival.

Bands from around the world ferry up to Shetland for several days of rollicking music across the breadth of the islands, for the music is truly for the Shetlanders. Visitors are welcome, of course, and during the festival I traveled far and wide from Lerwick into the hinterland to listen to Norwegian folk, Scottish trad, American bluegrass, and Mississippi riverboat ragtime music.

The festival is a serious party for four straight days. I advise you to get some tips before you come. There are few things finer than serendipity, but St.

Jarlshof Archaeological Site in Shetland, Scotland

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Jarlshof submitted by LizH The settlement of Jarlshof “Laird’s House” has a remarkable sequence of over 3, years virtually continuous occupation. It starts with houses of the Skara Brae type dating from perhaps as early as 2, BCE and continues with late Bronze Age houses of the type found for example at Stanydale. Next were early Iron Age people constructing circular houses, some with souterrains.

These were followed some time later by the builders of the broch with walled garth which, in turn, was succeeded by a whole series of different structures including an aisled round-house, a wheel-house, which was occupied right up until the time of the Norsemen, a norse house and a mediaeval farmhouse taking settlement right up to the 17th century CE.

Watch the new animated reconstruction of Jarlshof, see the most recent comment on our page You may be viewing yesterday’s version of this page. To see the most up to date information please register for a free account. These round structures are Bronze Age. Jarlshof submitted by LizH Jarlshof, Shetland. This is the broch now built over by other buildings. There are a variety of buildings at Jarlshof, dating from different ages.

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The international and interdisciplinary Shetland Islands Climate and Settlement Project is investigating the timing, potential causes, and results of the Broo catastrophe. Supported by a major grant from the US National Science Foundation, Division of Polar Programs, Arctic Social Sciences Program, the project links researchers in archaeology, history, geology, geochemistry, geophysics, biology, and digital mapping from four US and UK colleges and universities. In addition, the Project collaborates with Shetland educational and heritage organizations to incorporate local environmental and historical knowledge and to advance learning opportunities for visitors and residents alike.

Due to the practice, dating to at least the early Neolithic, of building in stone on virtually treeless islands, Shetland is extremely rich in physical remains of the prehistoric eras and there are over 5, archaeological sites all told.

March 12, at 6: In the light of a comment left here perhaps it will help if I add the following to clarify. I certainly agree that the Shetland Name is Old Shell, a previous poster here was mistaken in that. Commonly, there are local names for patterns made around the world, and so the same pattern can easily turn up with at least two different names. Throughout the work for this book, I have found a similar degree of confusion over the naming of Shetland lace knitting patterns. One evocatively describes Old Shell as Old Shale, deriving from the tracks left by the sea on a pebbled shore; other affirm the name to be Old Shell — the native dialect being misunderstood by the other expert as Old Shale.

There was no need to have the patterns in written form and so unfortunately for us, the certainty of original names, if there ever were any, seems not to exist from this source. The earliest knitting manuals from the s e. The farsighted Mrs Henry was probably one of the first to note down some of the Shetland lace patterns that she saw being knitted and she did record names for them. This could indicate the continuing cross fertilisation of European patterns with the Shetland Islands, which was always an important link in the chain of Western mercantile trade.

I note in the text accompanying the pattern, the alternatives that I have found.

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Shetland consists of a group of islands with approximately miles of coastline and a population of around 23, The Orkney Islands are located six miles north of the Scottish mainland. There are about 70 islands within the Orkney archipelago, 17 of which are inhabited. Both Orkney and Shetland are unique and unlike any other part of Great Britain. They have managed to retain many of their original, unique customs and traditions resulting from their long and eventful history. In the early 8th and 9th centuries the Vikings arrived in the Shetland Islands looking for land and for the next years or so the Norsemen ruled both Orkney and Shetland.

Scottish Dogging sites Locations. REGISTER FREE NOW! Over the recent months and years dogging in Scotland has become more popular than ever. More of our members are turning to dogging as a way to spice up their already great sex lives!! Shetland (Lerwick, Scalloway, Baltasound) Stirlingshire (Stirling, Falkirk, Grangemouth, Kilsyth, Bridge.

When a younger archaeologist discovers a set of human stays, the Shetland community is intrigued to know if it is an ancient find or a contemporary mystery. The set contains the remaining 4 episodes of Season 6 and thefirst nine episodes of Season 7 as they originally aired on FOX. As a mother or father, you need to verify the baby gets as a lot help as possible to make sure the speech is gained. It makes me wonder how a lot worse is it going to get in our society.

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