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Nov 16 Joanie enlists Fonzie to be her partner for a marathon dance at Arnold’s. She desperately wants to outlast cheerleading captain Jill Higgins who had cut Joanie from the squad earlier. The car has several problems including an engine that won’t run consistently. This causes problems when they They find three girls but, later, find their boyfriends who Richie doesn’t get far with her but leads Fonzie and others to believe he did. He asks Richie to do his homework and cheat for him.

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The BBC tried to block a Mail on Sunday investigation into the expense claims of its Director-General Lord Hall, accusing the paper of running a ‘vexatious’ campaign against them.

He has been an important person and friend in my life and that’s how we will remain moving forward. It has a total of million euros intotal liabilities, including a revolver bond of millioneuros maturing in November next year. By all rights we should be dead; a single vacuum tube in free fall happened to hold a charge and world war III didn’t start. But the many worlds interpretation insists that it did, in fact, discharge; and that the bomb did go off. It’s precisely the fact that we can’t perceive alternate realities that forces us to perceive this one, the one in which that bomb didn’t explode.

We only perceive this branch of reality because the alternative is zero perception.

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He has appeared in a wide variety of roles since the early s. Harmon gained recognition for portraying Secret Service special agent Simon Donovan in The West Wing , [10] receiving a Emmy Award nomination for his acting in the four-episode story arc. His maternal grandparents were Austrian immigrants. College football After graduating from high school at Harvard School , [15] Harmon completed a two-year associate degree at Pierce College in Los Angeles , [16] then transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles , [17] where he was the starting quarterback for the UCLA Bruins football team in and During his very first game for UCLA, he engineered a stunning upset of the two-time defending national champion, Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Use this page to search or browse through all of the accessions in the Manchester University Archives and Brethren Historical Collection.

Ironside had an episode that concluded on The Bold Ones: Booker and 21 Jump Street have a two-part episode about the take-down of a corrupt businessman. Enos is revealed to be Vera’s cousin. Third Watch had two crossovers: Characters from George Lopez interacted with those from Freddie in episodes on both shows as part of a continuing one-night story. Sammo also appeared as his character on an episode of Early Edition. Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana is a trilogy of crossover episodes between three Disney Channel original sitcoms which premiered in the United States on July 17,

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Blanche Devereaux Rue McClanahan owned the house; Rose Nylund Betty White , who found an ad for the house in the supermarket; and Dorothy Zbornak Bea Arthur , who responded to an ad looking for roommates on the bulletin board of a local grocery store. In the pilot episode, the character Coco played by Charles Levin , a gay man who was the ladies’ cook, was also featured, but was dropped from the show after the pilot. Originally, the character of Sophia was intended to appear only sporadically, but Getty’s portrayal proved so popular with test audiences that the decision was made to drop Coco, and hastily write Sophia into the earliest scripts many of Sophia’s famous zingers and one liners were originally written for the Coco character.

Mar 20,  · A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the TV series Laverne & Shirley. For US airdates of foreign shows, click through to The Futon Critic: my shows 30 Mar 76 Dating Slump 17 Oct 78 Laverne and Shirley Go to Night School

The car has several problems including an engine that won’t run consistently and a faulty “make-out” seat in the front that regularly collapses. This causes an inconvenience when the two try to impress a couple of girls, but becomes a full-blown problem when the car rolls down a hill into a lake. Potsie has managed to get himself and Richie invited to a stag party being held for his cousin Arnold, a party which will be held by Arnold’s fellow Marines — and in which alcohol will be served.

In an attempt to lessen its effects, they each drink several cartons of milk and — at Fonzie’s instructions — a sip of olive oil. Ralph is challenged to a drag race and nervously accepts, with Fonzie stepping in to drive for him. Meanwhile, with his family gone on a trip to Atlantic City, Potsie is staying with the Cunninghams, and he and Richie sneak out to watch the race. Richie and Potsie plan to go with their respective girlfriends on a double-date to a rock ‘n’ roll concert, with one problem: Soon Fonzie sells him a pair, but now Richie has to work at the hardware store when Howard needs to have his tonsils removed, which eats into the concert’s time and forces Richie to sell the tickets back for a refund.

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Miles, Uncle Angelo “Fasten your seat belt, slut puppy. This ain’t gonna be no cakewalk,” Sophia threatens Blanche, who’s been left in charge of her when Dorothy laves on a three day cruise. Sophia the “problem child” gets into everything, including destroying Dorothy’s antique chest where she’s stored a box filled with mementos; one being a list of things Sophia want to accomplish, written in The list includes a vow to make amends with Guido Spirelli, Sophia’s first husband though an arranged marriage in Sicily, which she had annulled days later, and then sailed to America.

Although preferring to send Sophia back to Shady Pines, Blanche, at wits end, settles for keeping the old lady busy by encouraging her to spend the next two or three days making things right with Guido through a letter.

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Printer Friendly Paramount has released Happy Days: The Third Season, a fantastic season of the long-running comedy series. Certainly one of the best-remembered and beloved sitcoms of the s, Happy Days’ third season, reformatted to a three-camera shoot and now focused squarely on the exploits of the series’ break-out star, Henry Winkler, features a remarkable number of all-time classic episodes that play just as well today as they did over thirty years ago.

Director George Lucas, who was casting around for someone to play the lead in his upcoming teen opus, American Graffiti, looked at the pilot and signed Howard to the smash hit movie, which, along with Happy Days, started a mini-nostalgia boom in the mid s for anything s later, there were some grumblings from ABC and the series’ producers that maybe Lucas borrowed a little bit more than just Howard when he watched the unsold pilot. Once American Graffiti became one of the top grossing pictures in Universal’s history, Garry Marshall immediately re-shot the original pilot and successfully sold Happy Days as a mid-season replacement for the television season, where it proved to be a phenomenal hit for the always ratings-starved ABC, winding up 16th for the year in the Nielsen ratings.

The series’ second season still filmed as a one-camera sitcom took a ratings hit when aggressive counter-programming from CBS’s bit hit, Good Times, knocked Happy Days out of the Top Thirty. The family and teen audience, initially attracted to the exploits of s middle-American good kid Richie Cunningham Ron Howard and his jerky, pseudo-worldly best friend Potsie Weber Anson Williams , made their choice and went with the more modern, urban-oriented humor of Jimmie Walker’s J.

If Happy Days’ ratings trend continued into the next season, it’s doubtful the show would have had a fourth go-around But when NBC “wunderkind” Fred Silverman “The Man with the Golden Gut,” as he was known then jumped ship and joined up with ABC in , he and the producers of Happy Days recognized that the secret to Happy Days’ rejuvenation lied with the series’ outsider character, Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli.

Initially conceived as a minor supporting character, the punk hood Fonzie gave the network qualms when his fan mail began to grow in number if you can believe it in today’s TV world, his character was frowned upon by the still-conservative network. Essayed by talented actor Henry Winkler, Fonzie was given increased camera time until by the end of the second season, he was clearly a character in search of a series of his own.

Silverman and the producers recognized that putting Fonzie front and center would give Happy Days the boost it needed to overtake Good Times over on CBS, so an absolutely brilliant decision was made during pre-production of the third season to bring Fonzie directly into the Cunningham family. Fonzie, who in the first two seasons was resolutely a loner remember that heartbreaking Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas? That made it difficult to fit the series’ most popular star into each weekly episode; after all, how many different ways can you work out the mechanics of Fonzie somehow managing to interact with Richie and his family?

Moving Fonzie into the Cunningham home killed two birds with one stone.

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We humans have a deep need to think highly of ourselves. If that opinion of our goodness, greatness, and brilliance diverges enough from reality, we become grandiose. We imagine our superiority. Often, a small measure of success will elevate our natural grandiosity to even more dangerous levels.

Laverne & Shirley. Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney were best friends and roommates coping with dates, neighbors, and each other During the late 50’s and early 60’s they worked as bottlecappers for Shotz Brewery in Milwaukee. They moved to Burbank, California in to start a new life when they got replaced at the brewery by an automated bottlecapper.

Running audio commentary by Martin Scorsese and directorial assistant Mardik Martin. From the Classroom to the Streets: Who’s That Knocking at My Door? A bored, buttoned-up, button-down word processor Griffin Dunne sets out on a late-night date. He’s about to become the punchline of a giant cosmic joke. Because different rules apply when it’s After Hours. New York filmmaker Martin Scorsese takes a darkly comic look at his favorite city in this wild free-for-all that won him Best Director honors at the Independent Spirit Awards and the Cannes Film Festival.

Scorsese said Joseph Minion’s tantalizing script was “like a Chinese puzzle. In her remarkable performance that won her the Best Actress Academy Award, Ellen Burstyn stars as widow Alice Hyatt, traveling in a packed station wagon with her son along a bump road to a new life. With Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, director Martin Scorsese is a much at home in the semi-rural Southwest as he is in the urban environs of his signature movies.

He guides the “live a little, learn a lot” of Alice’s odyssey with affection unmarred by sentiment and draws pitch-perfect performances from co-stars Kris Kristofferson, Alfred Lutter, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel, Vic Tayback and Oscar nominee Diane Ladd.


He is a featured player on Saturday Night Live , the youngest member of the current cast, and the first SNL cast member to have been born in the s. Scott was last seen running up the stairs of the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel, just prior to its collapse. Davidson, who was seven years old at the time, was profoundly affected by the loss.

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The Final Episodes Number 96 was the legendary Australian serial set in a Sydney block of flats that combined melodramatic storylines, larger-than-life high-camp characters, large doses of comedy and – most famously – sex. Number 96 was set in a four storey apartment block at the fictional address of 96 Lindsay Street, in inner suburban Paddington. The building consisted of six flats – two on each level. They sat above a ground floor delicatessen and a chemist shop – each with their own flat. Storylines examined the lives of the various residents and the shopkeepers.

The deli, along with a nearby pub and laundrette, as well as the busy stair well provided central locations for the various characters to mix and congregate. Early on in the series the chemist shop was converted to a wine bar which became the primary meeting place for the show’s characters and assorted visitors, and the pub was phased out of the series.

Also seen on a regular basis was the Red Baron cocktail bar and restaurant where any special dates and nights out always seemed to occur. Development The series had its genesis when Ian Holmes, the then program manager at Channel Ten, decided he wanted a new, Coronation Street style serial for the fledgling channel. The British soap had been successfully screened on Channel Nine during Holmes’ time there and Channel Ten, which had begun operation only six years earlier, was in a serious financial position and desperately needed a hit.

It had to have dramatic impact in breaking new ground, not in violent situations but in sexual situations which we believed were handled fairly puritanically here, as they were in America. Cash and Harmon employed the services of writer David Sale, who created the premise, the characters, and dreamt up the title. Holmes was suitably impressed with the Cash Harmon treatment, and the rest is history. Reportedly fifty half-hour episodes would be made, and the series would be “strictly for adults” according to producer Don Cash.

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