Orlando shooter texted wife during attack, source says

Ullah is suspected of strapping a pipe bomb to his body and setting off the crude device in a passageway under 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, injuring himself and a few others. Akayed Ullah posted a statement on his Facebook account on his way to the Monday morning attack stating: He also told law enforcement officers at the hospital where he was taken with burn injuries to the body and hands: Three pedestrians complained of harmed hearing and headaches after the bomb went off. Ullah, 27, was expected to appear before a magistrate judge, though it was not immediately clear if he was well enough to go to court. The complaint charged Ullah with providing material support to a terrorist group, use of a weapon of mass destruction and three bomb-related counts. It was not immediately clear who would represent Ullah in court. A news conference was planned for later Tuesday. Relatives and police said Ullah last visited Bangladesh in September to see his wife and newborn son before leaving them behind to return the United States.

Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS

Advertisement The year-old Greene — who was still married to an American at the time of her wild dash overseas — said she gave in to temptation and returned to the Middle East in to marry a German rapper who was also a spokesman for the terrorist group. But it didn’t take long for Greene to realize she’d made a horrible mistake. She hightailed it back to the U. The FBI operative quickly confessed to authorities that she married “Individual A,” the man she was assigned to investigate.

I really made a mess of things this time,” she emailed that July.

While Farook had several prominent dating profiles on sites such as , and , Malik does not appear as a member on any of these.

Download File The Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham ISIS is attempting to obtain money from organ harvesting, including from its own injured members, captives, and deceased individuals. Identification, prevention, and interdiction of organ harvesting and trafficking is a highly complex issue which may be effectively addressed through international partnerships among governmental, health, law enforcement, legal, and private-sector entities.

We judge with moderate confidence, the high demand for organs and large numbers being harvested abroad probably will entice overseas-based criminal organizations, smuggling networks, and organ brokers to collude either wittingly or unwittingly with ISIS to sell organs on the black market for financial gain. Because of limited reporting, we do not know if Westerners are illegally purchasing organs or receiving transplants from criminal networks which have partnered with terrorists or directly from ISIS or their affiliates.

A specialized mafia is engaged in these operations, in addition to medical institutions working in other countries, according to open-source information.

FBI posed as Fort Rucker lecturer to nab soldier suspected of supporting ISIS, filing shows

How ISIS is evolving The heavily tattooed Cuban-American crepe-maker was eating dinner with two new friends, Shariff and Mohammed, at a Denny’s in Key West on a warm June night. Suarez wanted to impress them but they laughed instead, joking in Arabic that he seemed suicidal.

The rogue FBI translator who fell in love and married a bloodthirsty ISIS terrorist hid her face in shame and refused to discuss her treasonous affair as she scurried from her upstate home on.

Everitt Aaron Jameson, a year-old Muslim convert, has been charged with providing “material or resources” to the terror group. A former member of the U. Marine Corps, Jameson was planning an attack, possibly with explosives, at the famous Pier 39 which will be packed with crowds over the festive season. Jameson, in conversations with the undercover FBI investigator who posed as a member of ISIS, outlined a plan to use explosives at Pier 39, a complex with stores, restaurants and an aquarium.

He hoped to force people to flee into one location where he would attack them. Jameson expressed interest in mounting a suicide attack between December 18 and Christmas Day and asked the undercover investigator for an assault rifle and materials for rudimentary explosives. Jameson planned to use explosives on crowds at Pier 39 in San Francisco, police said Image: Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. Jameson was charged in a one-page criminal complaint filed in federal court with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organisation.

If convicted, Jameson could face a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. On Friday afternoon, he appeared in U.

Orlando shooter texted wife during attack, source says

In many cases, agents will seek out people who have somehow demonstrated radical views, and then coax them into plotting an act of terrorism — often providing weapons and money. Before the suspects can carry out their plans, though, they’re arrested. But critics say that the FBI’s tactics serve to entrap only individuals who would never have committed any violence without the government’s instigation. Stephen Downs, an attorney and founding member of Project Salam , which gives legal support to Muslims, told Business Insider that ” the government has developed a technique of engaging targets in conversations of a somewhat provocative nature, and then trying to pick up on things the target says, which might suggest illegal activity — and then trying to push them into pursuing those particular activities.

May 01,  · An FBI translator with a top-secret security clearance traveled to Syria in and married a key ISIS operative she had been assigned to investigate, CNN has learned.

After the terrorist attack Saturday night in London, Prime Minister Theresa May offered the latest iteration of that ritual, a refrain heard since the days of George W. Based on these findings, the paper proposes a new framework for analyzing and understanding the behavior and emergence of extremist groups. The proposed framework can be leveraged to design strategic counter-terrorism communications programs using a linkage-based approach that deconstructs the process of extremist in-group and out-group definition.

Future publications will continue this study, seeking to refine the framework and operationalize messaging recommendations. This report reflects their analysis and diverse views, worked out during a series of conferences between August and November It was set up to tackle one of the most significant national and global security challenges facing the world today: Through empirical research, based largely on primary source materials and in-country fieldwork, the project aims to test assumptions and evaluate past campaigns in order to develop key principles and guidelines for counter-terrorism strategic communications efforts.

The massive FBI sting to bring down an ISIS-supporting weightlifter in Key West

As he was communicating with the undercover agent and formulating plans for an attack, Mr Jameson reportedly showed that he believed he was in touch with Isis leadership. The agent represented himself as serving Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Reuters Afghan police officers take position during a blast and gun fire in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Thousands of Russian Orthodox Church followers will plunge into icy rivers and ponds across the country to mark Epiphany, cleansing themselves with water deemed holy for the day.

Jan 24,  · Harlem Suarez grabbed a jalapeno pepper from his plate and took a big bite. The heavily tattooed Cuban-American crepe-maker was eating dinner .

Kang is an active duty air traffic controller assigned to the 25th Infantry Division at Wheeler Army Airfield in Hawaii. The arrest came after more than a year of investigation by the Army and FBI. Alerted earlier in the year about Kang’s alleged radicalization, the FBI obtained a warrant to search Kang’s lodgings and computers at Fort Rucker. The computers, according to the filing, contained 18 military documents labeled “secret,” with files dating back to Investigators also found more than 2, videos, documents and graphics that referenced ISIS or violence.

A month later, an undercover FBI agent posted as guest lecturer at Fort Rucker and was introduced to Kang, later accompanying him to a mosque.

Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS

Stephen Paddock’s family is “dumbfounded” that the year-old is suspected of killing at least 58 people and injuring over in Las Vegas on Sunday night. The tragedy is the worst mass shooting in modern U. Authorities believe the shooter had acted alone when he opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at a large crowd of concertgoers across the street, but are still scratching their heads in figuring out a motive.

The FBI has issued the strongest warning to date about possible attacks by ISIS against the U.S. military inside the homeland, officials tell ABC News.

Each has subgroups—the racists include white supremacy groups such as the KKK, neo-Nazis and skinheads, which can differ in subtle ways. The fundamentalists are primarily Christian identity groups that believe the biblical war of good vs. Tangential to the fundamentalists are the anti-abortion attackers, who also invoke religion as a foundational motive for their violence. These disparate groups of people—violent and nonviolent—pine for different versions of a highly idealized past.

The granddaddy of the three in the United States is the racist movement, the modern iteration of which is usually traced to the formation of the KKK in The Christian Identity movement began a few decades later, with the emergence of believers who subscribed to the theology of John Wilson, a British man who argued that the lost tribes of Israel had settled in northern Europe. The anti-federalists are much younger, exploding onto the scene in the early s with prominent groups such as the Militia of Montana and the Michigan Militia; many experts maintain that the movement was a product of the financial crisis for farms in the s, rapid economic and cultural change, and the adoption of gun control and environmental protection laws.

In recent years, an explosion in the number of militias has been linked by experts to the beginning of the Great Recession in December and the election of Barack Obama months later. In , according to the Southern Poverty Law Center , there were 42 militia groups; today, there are And although they are frequently dismissed as people with crazy beliefs, right-wing extremists often seem like the guy next door. What drives them, according to studies, is not so much ideology as their social network.

When friends and associates all proclaim that the government is destroying freedom, or that all Muslims are terrorists, or that minorities are dragging down the country, the social pressure to conform with that opinion is intense.

FBI catches ISIS terror suspects in sting operation